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What Makes Bob Manley, PLS LLC Different

When you retain Bob Manley, PLS LLC, you are retaining the services of a Professional Land Surveyor. I do not entrust your projects to unlicensed field crews or office techs as is the norm in most “traditional” survey firms. I personally attend to every detail of your project’s survey needs.

You might wonder how I can provide the surveying solutions your projects require without traditional field crews or office techs. I can do so because I have developed a system that is lean, efficient and highly flexible. A system where many of the necessary functions normally carried out by unlicensed staff have been automated or are performed by robotic equipment. This system relies on the following strategies:

• All survey tasks are performed by a Professional Land Surveyor
• Work closely with client’s key employees to successfully complete projects
• Utilize the latest robotic technology
• Utilize the latest GPS technology
• Utilize the latest AutoCAD and Surveying software (currently vers. 2005)
• Utilize highly automated systems
• Carry sufficient Professional Liability and General Liability insurance coverage to stand behind my work product

This approach yields:

Seamless work flow from field data collection to final survey product

A very high level of efficiency

Much better quality control

Excellent client/Consultant interface, as I am always intimately familiar with every facet of your surveying project.

In short, with Bob Manley, PLS LLC, you pay for professional surveying services and you receive the services of a surveying professional.

When you hire an Attorney, you don't expect the file clerk to present your case to the jury and it is not unreasonable for you to expect that when you hire a Professional Land Surveyor, that a Professional Land Surveyor actually performs your survey, does the research, examines the sit for physical evidence and makes the decisions that can be so important to the success of your project.

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